A reference request

Tips to exceptionally good* fourth year students wishing to receive a reference letter for graduate school

 Add to your letter-of-reference's request hard copies of:

  1. A cover letter that would accompany your graduate school's application. It should describe your interest in the specific field, and the mental assets you bring to it (including your motives to focus on that field. If the field is within the helping professions,  you are advised to appropriately expose some of your inner world as motives).
  2. A CV that may shed light on your academic abilities, rewards, social involvement (such as in volunteering work), social skills, work experience (even in a remote field of your prospect studies:  it is a demonstration of seriousness, perseverance and responsibility), and other personality aspects (hobbies, interests and activities not mentioned before).
  3. An academic transcript: It reflects your academic ability and perseverance.

A request for a letter of reference should be sent at least six weeks before it is needed.

Good luck!

* in terms of final grade in the course and significant contribution in class.