Class Presentation

Many students believe that a good presentation is done by using PowerPoint or a similar platform.  However, these platforms should NOT be regarded as the standard. In a small class using slides may be disadvantageous. You would like to consider: is this modality useful and appropriate for your specific presentation?

Keep in mind the title of the general subject matter (such as the course’ title). You may expand it a little, but do not take a total different direction, as interesting as it may be. For example, if you prepare a presentation for a class that focuses on children, you are advised to keep your topic within childhood-adolescence.

If you are using slides platform (such as PowerPoint): Keep in mind that a slide is a learning tool, therefore, it should be SHORT: Not more than 6 lines, and not more than 7-8 words in a line. It should summarize the issue, and intrigue your fellow students to listen to you as you explain and elaborate the issue. A clever way to use slides is to use their visual feature in addition to your auditory talk. The visual and the auditory should complement each other.

A great resource:

Use examples: they engage the students, and make the topic more interesting and clearer.

If you succeed to engage the class, the students cooperate in the post-presentation discussion. Otherwise they tend to be wilted and non-cooperative.

If you have questions while working on your presentation, try to consult your prof: I am happy  to assist you. My office hour is for you to use.  I am also available during class' break, and before class. Emailing is not a recommended way to consult with me.